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Guest Comments and Testimonials;
"We've been to Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, and this is the best, cleanest, and most pleasing motel we've stayed
 We've been traveling 10 days."  A.E. Afton, MI
"We've been on the road for 4 weeks, including XXX motel in Dayton, Ohio - this has been the loveliest room and by far the
most economical.
 The staff was very gracious and very proud of their establishment; deservedly so.  We felt more like a very nice B&B.
The room decorations felt more like a home than a motel. High praises! Than You!  C.A. Houston, TX
"The manager was very helpful, accommodating, and did everything to help us during our stay.  Went way above and beyond
what has been our experience of management during our stays in motels.  We cannot say enough positive things about the manager."  
"Everything, I would say, is perfect!"  H.K., Harlingen, TX
"Absolutely Wonderful! Wish we had more time to stay over.  Lovely "touches" in the room.  Will definitely recommend to friends. Thank
You So Much!"  P.P., Ontario, Canada
"The rooms are better than rooms of the larger chains.  I would recommend this motel to anyone travelling. I will be staying here
again when we travel in this area.  Charming room and large. Thanks for a great stay!" J.M., Ontario, Canada
"I love the decorations and the themes for each room.  Everything is so fresh and new; just lovely. So glad we had the small
refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker. Beds very comfortable."  G.F., Minnesota
"Great night!  Appreciated the Bible opened at very appropriate place.  We will remember this particular place when we pass this
way again!"
"Excellent job on the remodeling of your units!  Perfect with all the microwaves, refrigerators, coffee, etc., You receive an "A+" for
your report card!  L.H., Michigan
"Excellent Service and accommodations - super & quiet!!! Friendly Too!!" M.B., Alberta, Canada
"Wonderful beds and beautiful rooms.  We were WELL pleased!"  S.M., Andover, MN
"Thank you for the open Bible on the table.  We value God's Word and read the Bible daily.  We enjoyed our stay here.  It was super!  
Kevin was very friendly and hospitable.  Thank you Kevin, we may see you next week!" T.P., Ontario, Canada
"Was so pleased with our room!  So nice to find clean accommodations at an affordable price.  Likely we will stay here again!"  C.E.,
Hibbing, MN
"Wonderful the Bible was out, instead of in a drawer for people, no matter what their emotional state.  Wonderful
accommodations.  Wonderful suggestion to eat at "XXX" restaurant!
 I took a brochure home so when we are on the road, we'll stay
at another Budget Host."  C.F., Minnesota
"We were extremely pleased with the cleanliness, the great mattresses, and the spaciousness.  Nice sized table to play
Scrabble on, and a lovely desk, cable TV with a swivel base to see from different spots.  Decorating was great, and the cleanliness is so
important!  Thanks!  
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